Consulting Services

The staff at Boomerang understands that having the right people on the job at the right time, in the right configuration is what makes for success. We also understand that scheduling is the most important thing to a majority of your staff. Efficient and effective scheduling of resources is critical. Our specially trained professional staff have years of experience in managing the dynamics of scheduling, staffing and leading change management.

Before implementing any internet based or computer based scheduling system, it is critical that the leaders of your organization have a working knowledge of how to create a schedule to meet the needs of both the organization and the staff. If your organization has departments that consistently cannot meet their labor budget and cannot adjust staff to meet the fluctuating demands of the department or are unable to implement the critical changes that need to be made to contribute to organizational success, the staff at Boomerang can help!

We will meet with administration to understand the goals, assess the organizations readiness to implement the necessary changes required to be successful, then focus our efforts and spend 1:1 time with managers and supervisors to assess the barriers to meeting those goals. We work with your leadership staff to find the best fit for each department or unit, then coach them through the difficult conversations and rationale following up until the changes have been successfully implemented and stabilized.

When the staff of Boomerang are engaged in your scheduling change project your leaders are left with the tools to sustain the scheduling gains, the knowledge to understand the nuances of staffing and the leadership skills to adapt to future changes.