Tips and Tricks

Boomerang DAILY DOWN TIME Procedures

Your data is backed up off site every day, however from time to time your internet  access or our servers may go down unexpectedly. We recommend that facility staffers and administrators establish a procedure that requires daily PRINTING of the “Daily Staffing Reports” on a rolling 5-7 day cycle. You could also print and save the “LIST format” from the main Boomerang  screen For example:  If  substantial changes are made, then a new report should be run to replace existing back up copies. Store these in a clearly marked Boomerang Paper DOWN TIME documents space and let others who need to know where these documents exist. It would be rare that Boomerang or your internet connection was down for longer than 24 hours but you should always be prepared for 72 hours of down time.

Using Abbreviated View for DOWNTIME RECORDS

Consider using the “Abbreviated Data View” to PRINT monthly records: update printed records at least bi-weekly STEP 1: Shift Request: Month View (active Calendar)… you may want to divide up by Day Shift, Night Shift or by Resource Type (RN, LPN)…what you “see” in this view will be abbreviated to just dates, times and names STEP 2: Once you have a view set up in the active (normal view) , in the main drop down box choose “Abbreviated View” and you will get a printer friendly version of simplified data. Call the help Desk for a walk-thru