Text Messaging for Cancelled Shifts

Boomerang provides TEXT messaging for cancelled shifts. You can use this new feature to mange “flex up” shifts, “on call” shifts and other shift cancellations to manage your schedule to your census better. First: Resources: edit your profile to include at least one text message capable phone, choose your wireless provider and update your account. Second: Staffers: post and manage your contingency shifts: in this case primarily flex up or on call shifts for additional resource planning that may need to be quickly cancelled due to census drop Staffers: when you decide to cancel this shift, click (x) to cancel and you will be shown a list of staff that are confirmed into that shift and their text message number ( if the staff member has entered the data): you can cancel all or some of the resources: they will receive a text message on their cell phone. Easy and efficient.

Boomerang Administrators: Manage your Holiday Schedule better!

You can manage your holiday coverage in advance of the holiday. Be sure that your holidays are posted in your facility profile. You can post the holiday shifts, now and fill them with resources according to your facility policies. Resources will see their holiday assignments. The auto scheduler will adjust for the posted holiday shifts during the scheduling period. All admins are asked to contact Brian at Boomerang support the first time you set this up. If you would like to set you holiday schedule NOW, please call Boomerang support at 602-320-7136.